Arax PITTA MASK PASTEL Anti-dust Anti PM2.5 Face Mask Made in JAPAN (3pcs) Small


$25.99 USD $35.99 USD

[Qty.] 3 pcs (individually wrapped)
[Size] Small size (106 mm × 123 mm)
[Good Against] Pollen, colds, dust, etc.
[Material] Polyurethane (body)
[Country of Manufacture] Japan
[UV Protection/UPF] SALMON PINK(87%/20)・LAVENDER(85%/20)BABY PINK(83%/20)

[Precautions for PITTA MASK Use]

  • ●This product should not be used by infants, those with respiratory problems, or those who cannot remove it on their own.
  • ● Store out of reach of infants and toddlers.
  • ● This product cannot be used in areas with toxic dust or gases.
  • ● Stop using immediately if skin becomes irritated or abnormalities arise during use.
  • ● Stop using immediately if the smell causes you to feel unwell.
  • ● Do not store in direct sunlight, or in places with high temperature or humidity.
  • ● Discoloration may occur due to the nature of polyurethane, but this does not affect product quality.
  • ● Be aware that cleaning with acidic or alkaline detergents may cause product degradation.
  • ● Individual differences in fit may allow glasses to fog up, so please exercise due caution when driving or operating equipment.
  • ● After use, be sure to dispose of product in accordance with local regulations.

【Country of origin】


  • Made in Japan (Ship form Hong Kong)
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