Arax Pitta Mask Designer Anti-dust Anti PM2.5 Face Mask Made in JAPAN (3pcs)


$25.99 USD $35.99 USD

By making the new polyurethane material into a three-dimensional network structure with porous filter technology, the pollen collection rate is 99%, but it is highly breathable and easy to breathe. Cuts not only pollen but also harmful UV rays.

A soft, stretchable polyurethane material that doesn't create a gap between the face and pollen, but it doesn't hurt your ears even if you wear it for a long time.

Even after three washes, the pollen collection rate remains 99% and is economical.

Even if you wear the mask while wearing glasses, the glasses will not fog up.

【how to use】

Remove the masks one by one from the inner bag.

  1. Check the top and bottom of the mask and spread it left and right.
  2. Pull the ear hook and put the mask on both ears.
  3. Lightly press from above the mask to ensure tight contact.


Regular size --------  GRAY (131mm × 234mm) 


Pollen, cold, dust, etc.

【Country of origin】


  • Made in Japan (Ship form Hong Kong)
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