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How to wear Perlon Strap on Watch

How do I put the strap on the Watch?” is a question we usually received from the clients.

Indeed, It's easy ! We can explain it with below three pictures. 

First, you have to take off the original bracelet or strap using spring bar tool and keeps the spring bars attached to the timepiece (see top right picture).

Second, put the Perlon Strap to pass through between the spring bar and the timepiece from one side to other side, making a U-shape ( see Left picture). please make sure that the buckle side is on the Top side (pointed ”12 o’clock”) of the timepiece. 

Finally, Stretch the perlon strap on both ends so that the perlon is attached on the base of the timepiece. (see bottom right picture)  Usually, the length of the buckle side is shorter than other side. Adjust length until the buckle is located on the back of your wrist when you put it on.

That's the way! 

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